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We're All About Image.
Since our inception in 2010, we have been providing a range of content services to appease the need in a digital marketplace to produce standout, original imagery. Lead by Sydney photographer Markham Lane, our business relies on a trusted network of creative consultants all based in Australia, to help deliver services. 

In the early days, we became known for our portraiture and lifestyle images, to help businesses and individuals grow their brands across digital channels. Our aerial landscapes and underwater images were also critically acclaimed and purchased as artworks.

Increasingly, businesses asked us to cover their events and create video content to build awareness, increase reach and influence their social networks, as well our own. 

We diversified our service offering to produce content for use across multimedia platforms - print, web and social media sites - as well as internal communications content, such as sales presentations, order forms, annual reports and white papers. 

Soon after, discussions extended into creative concepts for advertising campaigns where we orchestrate pre-production meetings, writing comprehensive project plans and scripts while organising all the talent needed to bring it all together - both in-front of the camera and behind the scenes. 

The greatest thrill for us is delivering on a project that reaches and exceeds expectations, from personal portraits for social profiles to larger scale documentaries. 

And the only way we get there is by giving everything we do all our passion, commitment and our love, for creating 'made-you-look-twice' content, aligned with our customer's brief.
Moving With the Times.

Circumstances changed our business structure in late 2016 and in the following year, on top of everything else, we started producing our own events around themes of equality, diversity, creativity and love. 

We built a community of champions. And produced a large scale public exhibition of artworks and published our first book.

Coupled with changes to the law, we decided to ramp-up our team of creatives and extended our services to include weddings, family and children's portraits, often working collaboratively with other creatives to provide services.

Despite the increasing cost pressures being experienced in Sydney, we have managed to always keep all third-party service providers within our own backyard and we will not offshore talent.

With more hands on deck, Markham spends a lot more time as a creative consultant, providing direction for large scale content projects, ad campaigns, corporate and community event productions, shows and brand experiences. At the same time, he is relishing being a mentor to graduating students in the industry, helping them to develop their skills and sharing his knowledge in building efficient business processes.

We love bringing ideas to life, producing a spectacle that emotively connects and engages participants, while capturing those experiences, to be remembered for a lifetime. 

If there's any way we can help you or your company bring your vision and mission to the world, then we encourage you to make contact and start a discussion

Let us know how we might be of service.

This is what we live for!

Discover some of the awesome brands and people we've had the absolute pleasure to work with, in this short video compilation.

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Celebrate Diversity, Equality and Love in All It's Colours.
Colours of Our Community started as an art project by photographer Markham Lane back in 2006. Inspired by the 78'ers and celebrated community photographer William Yang, this project has produced many iterations, including artworks, exhibitions, books, videos, costumes, shows, events and even a float in the 2018 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.
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